Create My Space : How to Organise your closet

Welcome to the Create My Space series. The aim of this series is to help you to create the spaces you have always dreamed of in your home. We will start this series with how to organise your closet.

organized closet

Are you always looking for something to wear? Can’t find something suitable amongst all your clothes? So many clothes, but still nothing to wear? Let’s get real. We only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So let’s sort it out!

Book out some time

Firstly you need to make time for this exercise. How long do you think it will take? Be realistic and book it into your diary. Now congratulate yourself. You have taken a first very important step to having a beautifully organised and functional closet.

Remove all items

By emptying everything from your closet you will immediately begin the process of liberating yourself from those things you no longer need.  So take a deep breath and take everything (yes I mean everything) out of your closet and place it in a pile.

Set up four areas

Now create four separate areas for items you wish to keep, donate, repair or throw away.  The only items that will make it back into your closet will be those you place in the keep area.

Decide what belongs

Your closet is an extension of who you are. So protect what you let back in. The things you love, the items that make you look radiant, the items you can’t do without. This is what truly belongs in your closet.  You deserve nothing less.

The following tips will help you make decisions and have fun as you go through each item and decide what to keep.

  • Try clothes on as your sorting them. Ask yourself:  Do they fit? How long since I have worn it? How much do I love it? Does it make me feel good?
  • Downsize – Try to downsize on items. For example: How many jumpers do I need? I have 8 maybe I only need 4?

Organise what’s left

It’s much easier (and more fun) when you only have to organise those things you know you should be keeping. So now you have your keep area finalised it’s time to decide how you want to categorise the items in your closet.

Pick a method that works best for you. You may decide to arrange your items by outfit type (e.g. pants, shirts, jumpers). Or you may want to separate casual from formal clothes.  One idea you may want to consider is storing seasonal clothing in clearly labelled containers in a separate area of your closet.

Once you have decided exactly how you want to arrange your items it’s a good idea to create some labels. This way you will always know where everything belongs and your closet will remain organised – even when somebody else puts the clothes away!

About Kathleen

My name is Kathleen Warraker and my passion is to help others declutter, organise and create beautiful functional spaces. If you have a space or spaces you need to reclaim as your own, don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat about how I can help.