Workshops and Training

Professional Organiser Training

Research shows the average business loses around 1 week per employee each year due to issues associated with workplace organisation (source: The Costs Associated with Disorganization).

At Space Creators we can help by putting together customized workshop and training packages for your organisation that can educate, motivate and inspire. This can help give your business an essential edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

To give you an idea here are a few examples of the types of sessions that we can deliver:

  • My beautiful workplace
  • Going Paperless
  • Time Management for the busy bee
  • Working with Clutter
  • Sort out your HOME

From one-hour lunchtime sessions through to longer workshops we can deliver a training package that will add long term value to your organisation.

Kathleen worked closely with us to design a workshop around managing clutter. Each workshop that Kathleen facilitated was a great success, with participants learning so much and enjoying the interaction and practical activities. Participants reported a significant increase in skill and confidence.Vanessa Schneider, Communify – Working with clutter workshops

To find out more and for a confidential no obligation consultation on how we can help you deliver a workshop or training session to your organisation please contact me below.